MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — Charlie Rymer has long been one of golf’s most unique voices, combining folksy charm with a passion for the game few can match, and the former PGA Tour player, working with Golf Tourism Solutions, has launched “Balls in the Air,” a rollicking new podcast.

Four episodes of “Balls in the Air with Charlie Rymer” are already available on a range of hosting channels, including Google Podcasts, Soundcloud, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Among Rymer’s first guests are World Long Drive champion Sean “The Beast” Fister, his college coach Puggy Blackmon and golf fitness gurus Rick Murphy and Chris Mansson.

The podcast format gives Rymer a platform to dig deeper into all things golf, on and off the course. No subject will be off the table as Rymer takes listeners inside ropes with engaging interviews, discussions about golf’s hot button issues, and “Story Time With Charlie,” which will draw upon his often hilarious experiences as a PGA Tour player and his time as a broadcaster with ESPN and Golf Channel.

“This is a new platform for me that I’m really excited about,” says Rymer. “It’s kind of like I’ve been cooking up my favorite meal for a bunch of special guests, and I’ve got it exactly the way I want it to taste. Now I’m inviting everyone over to the house to try it out, and I’m a little nervous.

“Are they gonna like it, too? I think they will. I’m really looking forward to the first season of the ‘Balls in the Air with Charlie Rymer’ podcast!”

Rymer is also a Myrtle Beach golf ambassador, part of a multi-media partnership with Golf Tourism Solutions. The South Carolina native has become the face of America’s most popular golf destination, regularly appearing in videos and writing stories about the game, making the launch of “Balls in the Air” a logical next step.

For more information on “Balls in the Air with Charlie Rymer” and the Myrtle Beach golf community, visit

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