ORLANDO, Fl. – The future of putting practice arrived at the 2023 PGA Merchandise Show with the debut of PuttView X, an Augmented Reality system that has raised the bar for golf technology.

The revolutionary PuttView X is able to instantly “read” greens, calculating distance, break, slope and speed. The glasses can map out any green in the world and there are no additional tools or preloading of data necessary. Simply put on the glasses and transform the green into an interactive learning platform. With its see-through displays, PuttView X overlays putt information such as start line, ball path, speed animations and contours onto the green, providing a holographic view of any putt. 

Voice commands and hand gestures enable users to control the system and move around the green freely, set any hole or ball location, and adjust green speed depending on current conditions. PuttView X then accurately calculates the putt path and makes it visible to the user. 

The glasses are meant to be used as a training aid, helping players practice their putting like never before and improve in the key areas of putting: read, line, and speed. In addition, PuttView X comes with a smartphone app which enables coaches to see what their student is seeing and enabling them to amend all visuals through the app. 

“PuttView X is golf’s most technologically advanced training aid and we were delighted to unveil this state of the art new product at the PGA Merchandise Show, the industry’s annual showcase,” said Lukas Posniak, one of PuttView’s founders. “The reaction to PuttView X was incredible and that’s a testament to our team of engineers, who did brilliant work to turn what was once a dream into reality.”

“PuttView X’s ability to instantly read any green, anywhere in the world has the potential to change the way we practice putting,” added Christoph Pregizer, also a PuttView co-founder and an avid golfer.

PuttView X is taking preorders online at puttview.com/preorder, and the Augmented Reality glasses will begin shipping to consumers in June. Cost of PuttView X is $14,480. A $500 deposit is required for preorders, but early buyers will receive a $500 discount upon final purchase. 

Based in Hamburg, Germany, PuttView is dedicated to help players reach their full potential on the green. The company’s debut product, PuttView Indoor pioneered the use of augmented reality to assist golfers with better putting and is being used by the best players and coaches all over the world. PuttView Indoor uses a projector to display every aspect of a putt directly onto an indoor green, and a tracking camera to analyze the player’s performance, allowing golfers to have an intuitive, fun and engaging way to practice.